TBG Danco, Inc. and The Employers Benefit Group, LLC are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of knowledge, professionalism and service. We value honesty and integrity in our relationships, and are focused on our clients’ best interests. Our senior management team each averages more than 30 years of insurance industry experience gained from working with national carriers, consulting firms and benefits administration outsourcing firms.  TBG Danco, Inc. focuses its insurance practice in three different areas:


The application of life insurance in the estate planning process for owners of businesses.


Addressing health and welfare and other employee benefits issues of client companies.


Creating executive benefit programs for owners and highly compensated executives.

TBG Danco, Inc.'s clients are primarily the founders and owners of private and closely-held public companies, or large block shareholders of mid- to large-cap public companies.

TeBG offers broker and consultative expertise in the areas of health and welfare, including life insurance, benefits administration, absence management and wellness. Our clients range in size from 50 to 20,000 employees, from single-site to multi-state, and use traditional funding and innovative self-funding arrangements. Our individualized consultative approach affords us the opportunity to craft a strategy for our clients that helps drive their business forward. We consistently provide excellent on-going service that exceeds expectations on a daily basis, and commits resources to support our clients’ benefit administration.

Our goal is to establish a lasting partnership with our clients, supporting them in attracting and retaining valued employees while running their business at maximum efficiency.

TBG Danco, Inc. and The Employers Benefit Group, LLC achieve this relationship by listening to our clients’ needs, understanding their goals, asking critical questions and developing a business strategy for both their personal and employee benefits needs.