The Employers Benefit Group, LLC provides a full range of absence management consulting services through our wholly owned subsidiary, Integrated Absence Solutions (IAS). IAS specializes in targeting re-investment in our client’s Absence and Economic Replacement benefit programs. We are comprised of industry leaders in the field of Absence Management and Economic Replacement. Our professionals have consulted exclusively in this niche market for both public and private sector employers with 50 to over 300,000 employees. In addition, we serve as trusted advisors to the group insurance carrier market. Our diversified clientele allows us unparalleled market knowledge and experience that delivers exceptional value to our clients. IAS is actively engaged in service delivery, not simply business oversight and insurance placement. At IAS we understand the pressure companies face in making decisions about consultative expenditures. That is why our fee structure always contains a projected return-on-investment document.

Absence Management Employers Services Suite

Our suite of services is specifically designed to assist our clients with life insurance, disability and absence related coverage and administrative solutions. We also assist our clients in developing integrated medical absence and leave programs with the assurance of maintaining compliance.

Advisory Services

  • Program Design, Cost Modeling and Benefit Integration
    • Paid Time Off, Leave of Absence, FMLA, Sick Leave, STD and LTD Integration
  • Plan Design
    • Voluntary, Employer Paid, Mandated
  • Funding Approach
    • Self Insured, Experience Rated, Participating Contracts, Captive Programs
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) / Requests for Information (RFI)
    • Design, End-to-End Process Management, Vendor Selection, Implementation
  • Disability and Life Reserve Validation, Risk Ceding Feasibility Analysis and Buy-Out

Claim Audit Services

  • Retrospective Audit
    • STD, LTD, ERISA Appeals, Workers Compensation, FMLA
  • Life Waiver of Premium Audits
  • Pre- and Post-Program Implementation Audits