What specifically sets The Employers Benefit Group, LLC apart from its competition? Results-oriented consulting, brokerage services, seamless administration support — and our people. TeBG works diligently with our client to ensure outstanding results and lasting relationships. With our professional guidance and administration services, we develop a strategic plan for our client, assessing their needs and designing a plan tailored to meet their long-term goals. We perform a comprehensive market analysis aimed at the most viable carriers, present the results to our client and make our recommendations. To optimize the success of this marketing process, we can include a best practices benchmarking study of our client’s company against firms in their industry, and assess our client’s status as it relates to Health Care Reform and compliance. In designing benefit solutions, we collaborate with our client to fine tune their plan design and we analyze and recommend the most advantageous funding arrangement for them. In addition, we offer creative wellness strategies to improve health, control cost and support our client in attracting, retaining and rewarding employees who contribute to growth and efficiency.